Friday, November 27, 2015
  Six Month Smiles
Before and After Six Month Smiles with Dr. Robert Tracey in Pomona, NY 
Before and After Six Month Smiles with Dr. Robert Tracey in Pomona, NY
Dr. Robert Tracey is a dentist who works with six month smiles and other forms of cosmetic dentistry in Pomona, NY. Six month smiles is a fast-paced treatment option for crooked teeth that uses clear brackets and thin wires to provide a noticeable improvement with the use of heavy duty orthodontics. Just as the name suggests, six month smiles can improve the appearance of your smiles without taking two to three years. Finally, the ideal has arrived for adults wishing to correct embarrassing spaces or gaps.

The difference between six month smiles and traditional braces is that six month smiles does not aim to fix the bite. The goal here is simply to improve the appearance of the visible teeth. Six month smiles is designed to straighten only the front teeth that are exposed when you smile. Similar to traditional braces, this is accomplished by using a series of brackets and wires that gradually get tighter and thicker as the treatment progresses. However, the brackets and wires used with six month smiles are colored similar to tooth enamel and are much less visible.

It is important to understand that six month smiles do not move the teeth any faster than traditional braces. The difference is that six month smiles targets only certain teeth. The focus is entirely on the visible portion of the mouth, not the back teeth. We will not attempt to correct your bite. Once the front teeth have become straightened, the treatment stops. Because the goal is not to correct the entire mouth, the six month smiles treatment can be completed in a much shorter time frame. Some treatments might even take less than six months.

Choosing six month smiles is an easy decision when faced with traditional braces. If you have crooked teeth, gaps, or spaces that you do not like, you should talk to a dentist. For information about cosmetic dentistry in Pomona, NY, contact Dr. Robert Tracey today.

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